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Bonnie’s movie, Before I Sleep, released its first official trailer, which you can view here on YouTube. Photos from the trailer, as well as images from an official music video featuring clips of Bonnie from the movie, can be viewed at Photogenic here and here. The movie is scheduled to be released sometime early next year.

projects_bis projects_bis2 

In addition to that, Bonnie made an appearance at Only Make Believe’s 15th Anniversary of taking the magic of “make believe” to children in hospitals last Monday, November 3rd. An image of her with her boyfriend Simon Hammerstein has been added to the galleries.


Bonnie filmed her part for Who Killed Nelson Nutmeg? last week and talked to Bridport news about the experience.

“It’s refreshing to read something entirely for children and I really liked the vision directors Tim and Danny had.”

“It’s brilliant having a set like this is in a great location right on the edge of the Dorset coastline with beautiful cliffs and scenery – the film is bound to look much more interesting and off the wall.”

“As an actor it’s been exciting to play a character like Diane who has an evil edge to her and has been different for me.”

“It’s great for any director to show an actress in a new way and that is something Tim and Danny have achieved with my role in Nelson Nutmeg.”

“We didn’t know how big or crazy the platform for Harry Potter would become. It was a safe environment with lots of people similar to the Nelson Nutmeg set. Because we were all children we learnt together and the same thing is happening with the young cast of Nelson Nutmeg.”

“The kids have been so great and worked so hard. It’s been great to work with them.”

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Pictures of Bonnie filming and posing with the cast have been added to Photogentic, including an official still thanks to SnitchSeeker.

Lastly, The Highway is for Gamblers, which starts filming shortly, has added a new IndieGoGo page where fans can help donate to the project.

Bonnie has donated to Small Steps Project for the fourth year in a row. Small Steps Project is a humanitarian organisation and UK registered charity supporting children and their families.

Bonnie said about the shoes she donated this year:

“I wore these Dolce & Gabbana heels to the Cannes Film Festival in 2012 where I premiered my directorial debut short film. It was a very exciting trip for me and I am excited to be asked back again to donate to this year’s Small Steps Auction.”

charity14_stp charity14_stp2

If you’re interested in bidding on Bonnie’s shoes, you can do so here. Photos of Bonnie with the shoes she donated can be viewed at Photogenic.

Bonnie’s latest acting project news comes from

We are pleased to confirm a late addition to the Nelson Nutmeg cast, Bonnie Wright. Bonnie is perhaps best known for playing Ginny Weasley in all of the Harry Potter films, right from the beginning of the series. Like a lot of the other actors from the franchise she has grown up in front of the camera. Now, in Who Killed Nelson Nutmeg, the tables are turned as she is the experienced adult actor who can guide our young cast.

Bonnie plays the part of Diane, the new manager at Nelson’s Retreat holiday park who arrives when good old ‘Uncle Derek’, the kids favourite, is called away unexpectedly. The very next day, Nelson Nutmeg goes missing! Can our heroic gang find the crucial evidence against her?

Obviously this will be a very different role for Bonnie, but also a fun one and we look forward to working with her soon.

The film has been filming for the past few months with the kids, but Bonnie is expected to join in her role as Diane in the next week or two. SnitchSeeker spoke to a few people involved with the film and they had this to say.

[Co-director Danny] Stack added: “We thought Bonnie would be ideal for the role of Diane, the shady new manager of the camp in the story, as it’d be fun to play her against type and it’s brilliant to have such a successful child actress in one of the adult roles.

“We’re absolutely thrilled that Bonnie’s part of the film. She loved the script, and is keen to support children and family films, especially indie productions like ours.”

Bonnie gave an interview with MuggleNet last week about her most recent project, The Highway is for Gamblers. In the interview she mentioned that filming starts in a few weeks, in November, and that she hasn’t met the cast yet (but is excited to). She also talked a bit about why she was drawn to the project and the character she’ll be portraying. You can listen to the whole interview at MuggleNet.


The production team recently ended their Kickstarter, but they have plans to start up a new donation page soon, which we’ll update with once it’s up.

Bonnie posted on her twitter today of her latest film project, The Highway is for Gamblers, where she is set to play the lead character, Heidi. In addition to Bonnie, Joe Jonas and Gustaf Skarsgard have been cast.

“Heidi and Jane are best friends living in a sprawling desert community. After a series of relationship problems mars their friendship, Jane goes missing at a rodeo. Heidi begins a search across the desert for her friend, digging up secrets and encountering the violence of life on the road, crossing paths along the way with a series of unusual men in her hope for an honest connection in a dishonest world. Heidi is constantly searching for people who don’t want to be found. She is open and trusting, and in the universe the film is set, these things karmically add up and play against her.”

The film has set up a Kickstarter page, where you can find much more information on the film, the cast, the crew and how you can help donate to make the film happen. They put up a video of Bonnie talking about the film, her character and why she was drawn to the project.

Bonnie’s recent visit to Chengdu saw her exploring the city and its many tourist attractions as well as the local customs and cuisine. She also visited and donated to the Research Base for Giant Panda Breeding.

Some local articles highlighted her visit.

While many Hollywood starlets merely come to China to promote a movie and make a quick buck, Wright broke the mold and came for a charity, making a donation to the Research Base for Giant Panda Breeding in Chengdu, a respected panda-hugging charity.

The charity, founded in 1987, is a non-profit breeding facility that aims to conserve the population of rare giant pandas. Starting with just six giant pandas, rescued from the wild, by 2008, it the charity had seen 124 panda births; currently its captive panda population stands at 83. [Source]

events14_china7 events14_china8 events14_china9

Among other things, the actress learned how to play mahjong and make Mapo tofu – a world famous Sichuan dish – which she promised to cook for her friends and family after returning to England.

Wright said that the trip left a deep impression on her and she especially loved the Chinese kung fu tea ceremony, ear cleaning and mahjong. [Source]

events14_china4 events14_china5 events14_china6

Pictures of Bonnie learning how to make Chinese cooking, attending a tea ceremony and learning mahjong, visiting the Research Base for Giant Panda Breeding and touring Chengdu have all been added to the gallery. In addition to the photos, there’s a video on YouTube about her trip.

Bonnie Wright is currently visiting Chengdu, China as a special guest of British Airways. There’s been lots of fun photos of Bonnie, including her appearance at the airport where she was welcomed by a Panda, enjoying the local food and various other activities. Photos of Bonnie from her first day are here. We’ll update with more as they come.

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In addition to that, Bonnie’s been busy helping with various charities. She’s been getting ready for the Global Citizen Festival taking place September 27th, this Saturday. There’s photos of Bonnie from last week in NYC buying things in preparation for the festival. Last Sunday, she took part in the Campaign Against Climate Change in London.

charity14_gcf width= charity14_cc

Lastly, straight from Bonnie’s twitter, she’s apparently in the works to start directing a new music video.

Exciting morning conceptualising my next music video. Now to Heathrow next stop China!

We’ll keep you posted when we hear more information on the music video.

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