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Bonnie attended The Global Poverty Project’s launch of this year’s Live Below The Line this past Wednesday. Photos of Bonnie at the event have been added to Photogenic.

In addition to that, an image of Bonnie and Simon from last week at an Only Make Believe charity event popped up online, showing the two posing after a game of tennis. That can be viewed in the galleries as well.

Bonnie’s film, The Sea, opens in the UK and Ireland this Friday, 18th April. The official facebook account for the film added some new photos, including a very nice one of Bonnie’s character Rose. The image has been added to our galleries.


In addition to the new image, there’s a small clip featuring Bonnie’s character on this website. You will have to click ‘Watch full show’ to view it. Bonnie’s scene comes at around the 0:1:05 mark.

Bonnie started her yearly tradition of living below the line, where she plans to live on food of $1.50 a day (£1 for UK) for one week. She’s starting earlier than most of the world (28th April – 2nd May is listed on the LBL website) with the hopes of getting more people involved. Her donation page can be found here where you can join her team or donate to her page.


Bonnie started her second day off with appearing on HuffPost Live to talk about the cause. You can watch that interview at Photos of the appearance have been added to Photogenic.

It was posted, by the newspaper London Evening Standard, a new interview featuring Bonnie, where she talks about her relationship with Simon, the event she hosted with her mother for Oxfam’s Mother Appeal, a bit of Harry Potter and some other things.

Plus, you can find two new pictures from the article in Photogenic.

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Finally, the picture from the Oxfam photoshoot Bonnie did with Rankin last December was posted. The photoshoot was done in order to support Oxfam’s Lift Lives For Good Campaign, and this is what she has to say about it:

“Last year Oxfam launched the Enough Food If campaign at Somerset House in London. Lots of the public gathered and the energy was incredible. Speaking at that launch in front of so many enthusiastic people as voice for my generation was extremely uplifting!”


You can see Bonnie jumping in the air here.

In addition, Bonnie posted on twitter earlier today that she is going to run the 10K in London along with the magazine Elle UK and Nike on 10th May 2014. If you want to join  the run, you can sign up here.

Bonnie and her mother Shelia Teague attended a breakfast talk this morning for Oxfam’s Mother Appeal. The charity is being held with the hopes to raise attention and money for mothers worldwide.


Some quotes Bonnie made at the talk this morning were posted on twitter:

@thisisbwright “mums everywhere have incredible hope and optimism” [source]

@thisisbwright: “Get some friends around for a get together & do something simple for Oxfam. Could be 6 friends, could be 100!” [source]

In addition to that, there’s photos of Bonnie and her mother at the breakfast, audio of Bonnie talking about the cause, an instagram clip of Bonnie, and a YouTube video with Bonnie talking about the Mother Appeal.

Today, February 17th, 2014, marks Bonnie’s 23rd birthday! We here at So-Bonnie would like to wish her the happiest of birthdays! We hope she has a wonderful day and spends it surrounded by family and friends. <3

Bonnie attended the Tessa Edwards Autumn/Winter 2014 show for London Fashion Week last night. Pictures have been added to Photogenic of her after the show. In addition to that, photos of Bonnie from last week at The Box 3rd Birthday have been added to the gallery.

events14_lfw events14_boxbday

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