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In a new interview Bonnie talks to SheKnows about the sixth film, family, boys, education and more.

Early on in the Harry Potter series, Wright was a pert and pretty child in the background emerging later as a victim of dark magic or looking shyly at Harry, beginning to develop a shadow of the attraction that would draw the duo together in their more advanced teen years. Continue reading…

The interview also has a larger picture of a previous seen picture of the Teen Hollywood interview.

Thanks to Oclumencia we have two new pictures from the sixth movie of Harry Potter.

The London Paper spoke to Bonnie at the Pure London Exhibition. Bonnie talks about being a fashion icon, being on the limelight, university and more.

The actress, who plays Ginny Weasley in the films, said the cheeky chats are all part of growing up together behind the scenes.
Speaking at the MADE-BY event for Pure London in Olympia, the 17-year-old told us: “Sometimes we talk about sex when we’re hanging out on the set.
“We grew up on the set through our teenage years, so we laugh about it together.”
Continue reading…

Thanks to Kristi and mari for poiting me to this new video interview with Bonnie and on-screen brother Rupert Grint in which they talk about their characters in the sixth movie.

Thanks to Oclumencia we have these images we had seen before now in HQ :D

As we all knew, Bonnie attended yesterday Pure London Exhibition to host the MADE-BY booth along with actress Georgia Groome and I bring you the first pictures! They’re all in MQ but the HQs should come soon ;)

UPDATED: I’ve added 12 HQs :D Please credit/link back if you take anything, don’t make me tag all pictures, I hate tags, but for people who don’t credit sometimes has to be done :/ Anyway, enjoy! :D
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Glad to know you’re lking the new layout :D Now another treat for you, here’s the first batch of the many High Qualities to come. I don’t know if there are many more to come but there are definitely pictures to come :P Enjoy the pictures and please credit/link back if you repost them on your site.

High Qualities from the Polish premiere are courtesy of Oclumencia, medium qualities from So Bonnie! :P

UPDATED: I’ve added three more HQs of Bonnie’s appearances in Poland! :D
UPDATED #2: I’ve added 6 more HQs of the Esquire’s Party :D
UPDATED #3: I didn’t want to make another update for three more images so here goes an update :P Three beautiful B&W images at the Half-Blood Prince New York premiere :D

Yes! A brand new look for So Bonnie! <3 This one is thanks to my online buddy Juliet, although I did the coding (don’t you love the pretty cool navigation rollovers? :P Sorry I just learned to make them haha.) I really hope you like this new layout featuring the amazing photoshoot Bonnie did for Grazia magazine, feel free to leave a comment!

Also, with this new look, comes lots of updates. First off, I’ve updated Bonita with icons, banners, bookmarks, wallpapers and a new picspam! And of course the calendar of the month! :D

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