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September 11, 2009 Other, Site 2 comments

Hello everyone!

I have some bad news :/ well, I’m still without internet at home, I was finally able to reach the company and they said they’re gonna send someone to check it out some day next week :( So until it gets fixed, I won’t be able to update much. Sorry for any inconveniece, it won’t be long but still. To all the affiliations requests, I’ll be answering as soon as I can. I have to use the internet conection at uni, which as I’m sure you can understand, I have to use it for school work.

Until next update ;)

Hey everyone! First of all I want to thank everyone who emailed me and message about this. I’ve been without internet for almost 4 days now so I wasn’t able to update anything, I’m actually at uni because the internet at my house hasn’t been fixed and the company still doesn’t answer…anyway, I won’t bore you with more personal stuff, just know that’s the reason I haven’t been online.

Now, I’ve uploaded the full scan with the picture I posted about before and and a short interview from The Times LUXX Magazine (Thanks Ki) where she talks about Pedro Almodovar. The picture is even inspired by the poster of Almodovar’s film Volver. I will transcribe the interview and post it at Spotlight as soon as I can ;)

I’ve also updated the gallery with a picture from the promotional shoot of Half-Blood Prince (Thanks to Oclumencia) and an outtake from No. magazine shoot.

UPDATED: Thanks to Alejandro I’ve added a clan version of the photograph from LUXX Magazine shoot taken by Mark Harrison.

A user from ebay is auctioning this new image of Bonnie Wright. It doesn’t say from which magazine it is so if any of you has any information, let me know! ;)

September 06, 2009 Bonita 3 comments

Hey everyone! Loving and enjoying the latest Bonnie shoot? I know I am so I had to make a bunch of icons and two wallpapers, I’ve also added a few submissions by Eliska. Remember you can also share your graphics! ;) Just send them in.

Enjoy and remember to credit!

The first two pictures of a 8 page interview with 6 pictures feature from No. Magazine are here! As usual Bonnie is looking really stunning in this new photoshoot.

Thanks to SillyDevil at Fan Forum! Scans will be coming soon thanks to Allie :D
Updated: As I promised, thanks so much to Allie scans are posted! I think this shoot is cool and showing Bonnie’s personality, don’t you agree? I know the article is a bit hard to read but I’ll try to transcribe it and put it asap in the press archives.
Updated: It took me almost all day but as I promised, you can read the interview at Spotlight now ;)

Hey guys!

News have been slow lately but I bring you some news today ;) Bonnie is up in the vote for Portrait Magazine‘s Top 30 Under 30 2009 list! Remember Bonnie got 5th place last year! You can vote by clicking here. Voting ends this November 22nd.

Also, Bonnie along with co-star Tom Felton are set to appear this next September 22nd on BBC’s Blue Peter to update viewers on the Me And My Movie competition. Be sure to catch it on Tuesday September 22nd at 4.35pm on BBC ONE.

Thanks to Kristi, Aphrodite and Ali for the info! :D

In a new short interview with STARWORKS Bonnie talks about a normal morning for her, her favorite room on her house and few other interestings things about her.

1. What is the first thing you do every morning?
Well, it sometimes depends. If I’m filming that day, I pretty much roll out of bed, wash my face, and get into the car. Everything is done in the studio when I’m filming. If I’m at home I might go out for a walk to help me wake up or go out on my roof garden, have a cup of tea, and get adjusted to the day.
Continue reading…

Bonnie will be featured in NO. Magazine in their latest issue The Dreamers which will be out sometime this week.

NO.7 THE DREAMERS: Poets, Illusionists, Wanderers and Other Romantics is out this week! Featuring cover model Jethro Cave, Brit film stars Ben Whishaw and Bonnie Wright, White Lies, The Virgins, artists James Jean and Marilyn Minter, and many more!

NO. Magazine Facebook

No. Magazine is a quarterly cultural documentation of people and popular culture. Through a series of interconnected profiles No. inspires and collaborates with some of the world’s most talented artists and agitators. Film, fashion, design, photography, art and literature are presented through the eyes of the visionaries responsible for bringing them to life.

I don’t have any more info about this but I’ll let you know if I find anything more. If you know something or can scan the magazine please email me ;)

Thanks to bauer at Pottershots.

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