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‘Separate we come, separate we go’, ‘In Want of a Wife’ and new project ‘Shakespeare’s Daughter’

While in Cannes Film Festival Bonnie talked to The Telegraph and Total Film about her directorial debut Separate we come, separate we go and first project of her production company, Bon Bon Lumiere.

Wright explained: “It’s a journey of enlightenment – a realisation that her [Thea – main character] life doesn’t end at the end of her street, it’s a whole open world.” Read more…

“I’ve learnt so much from doing that short. I really respond to putting myself out of my own depth and finding my feet. That idea of going for it – there’s nothing else to lose – the story paralleled the process of making it.” Read more…

She also talks about her upcoming projects, British period drama, In Want of a Wife, which begins shooting at the end of this year, and a US independent film, Shakespeare’s Daughter.

About her role in “In Want of a Wife”:

“I play a character called Lydia, it’s set in the late 1700s and she starts as a eloped young daughter of a clergyman. She’s eloped with a lieutenant and they go into what you think is a little hotel but she wakes up to find the lieutenant is gone and she’s left there alone and the hotel is actually a brothel.” Wright explains.

“She’s trapped. She has to pay for the night before that she’s spent with the lieutenant, she can’t go back to her father because she’s eloped – it’s basically how she has to turn to prostitution.” Read More…

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