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Bonnie on Dirrty Glam!

Finally what we’ve been waiting for! :P Bonnie’s feature on Dirrty Glam! With pictures of Jessie Craig and a new interview, Bonnie rocks the cover! The interview is in french (being a french magzine) so if anyone can help out to translate it I would appreciate it :D Pictures of the issue can be seen at photogenic.
UPDATED: Sorry, I missed one, added now ;)
UPDATED #2 Thanks to Bonnie Radcliffe, we can now read the interview translated! She talks about fashion, her acting career, university and plans for the summer!

At just 19 years old, Bonnie Wright is one of the luckiest actresses in the world. Why? She was discovered when she was 9, thanks to the film adaptation of the Harry Potter saga. Not bad for a professional debut. Let’s take a look at the world of this beautiful girl, who is not like Ginny Weasley at all.
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(PS. I love the current layout but with this pictures, I’m getting inspired! ^_^)

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