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I’ve added yet two more videos from Sunday’s events. One is an interview with Bliss Magazine at the red carpet of T4: Stars of 2009 where Bonnie talks about the holidays and christmas presents. The second, is the little segment where Bonnie and co-stars Tom Felton and Matt Lewis participated during the concert, where they played the Potter version of “Marry, Kiss or Kill”, “Marry, Snog or Stupefy”.

UPDATED: Thanks to Malaussene I’ve uploaded a better version of the second video ;)
UPDATED #2: I’ve added yet another video from the press conference WB did to promote the release of the Half-Blood Prince DVD. Bonnie talks about all these years on set, and her first memories of auditioning for the role of Ginny and future plans.
UPDATED #3: I’ve added one more of ITN.

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